Fearless, Free, Feminine

Fearless, Free, Feminine is a 12-month wisdom embodiment immersion for women seeking deeper meaning in their lives and in their work. It is for women who are ready to go on aquest to discover their life’s purpose and uncover a guiding vision for leading a fulfilled life and a life of service. It is for women who want to embody their highest potential and are willing to cultivate the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to say, “I want, I can, I go.”

How it Works

The true impact and feminine power come from knowing yourself deeply, being connected and in alignment with your higher self, having a vision for your life, and cultivating the inner strength and confidence to bring that vision forward into the world.

At Athena WOLF stands for


for Wisdom

remembering our ancient heritage as human beings.


for Oneness

becoming one again by integrating all of our senses.


for Leadership

empowering individuals to become visionary leaders


for Frequencies

aligning your frequencies with thehighest expression of yourself

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Once your physical, emotional and intellectual states are fully aligned with your body energy you attract what you consciously decide to materialize. To achieve this alignment and to empower you to become the leader of your life, we take you on a deeply transformative Wisdom Embodiment Immersion. Over a period of 12 months you will go on a discovery journey about yourself, your roots, your challenges, your uncovered potentials and your life purpose. With a well-balanced blend of body movements, breathing techniques, rituals, guided meditations, story telling and reflection processes, you will learn to experience through your body, understand with your mind and reignite your inborn inner wisdom.

The program is based on three pillars including ancient wisdom, science and business frameworks.

- Ancient wisdom is an inherent part of your heritage as human being. Reconnecting with ancient wisdom will help you build self-confidence, trust and resilience. It will transform you into a Fearless and Free woman, living her Feminine qualities and power with courage and pride.

- Working within our science frameworks you will experience and learn modern methods tore-design your thought patterns, dissolve blocked energy, embrace the full power of your mind, re-condition your body, and re-design your life path so you can become the leader you strive to become.

- Finally, our business frameworks will prepare you to lead within the current intensity and increasing complexity of today’s economic world. You will learn to work with the latest agile and holistic models so that you can embody your inner wisdom and realize your potential as a woman in business.

- Expansion of awareness and ability to perceive and see through our intuitive mind.

- Enhanced resilience & well-being and increased productivity and performance.

- An overall greater sense of purpose and meaning by developing the ability to create environments where people can grow and strive to their fullest potential.

build an innovation-driven economy and

develop the ability to cope with change, to learn, unlearn and learn new skills as well as to maintain a mental balance in disruptive situations.

Educational Format

The learning path includes videos, podcasts, and homework. The program is available in two forms;

- Full Immersion Retreat: the five two-day modules are conducted at a specific location with an Athena trainer. It also includes a project work, from vision to implementation plan. The project can be job-related, personal or a life project.

- Self-Guided: You receive the five modules through a digital online learning portal that includes pre-recorded video sessions and homework. You complete the program at your own pace with the option to book individual coaching sessions to support you as you go.


Exploring Your True Identity

- In Module 1 you will explore your true identity by learning about your origin, what and who you are as a human being. You will learn about your non-physical intuitive senses and begin working with them regularly. You will bring your personal colors of power to light, reconnect with your spiritual ancestors and grasp the impact of your first name on your life. You will learn about the scientific background of the program: the science of breath and self-awareness, quantum physics and the limits of science.


Awakening Clarity

- In Module 2 you will explore the relationship between your emotions and actions and learn methods to transform inhibiting patterns into constructive and creative energy. You will experience intensive breathing techniques to dissolve blocked energy in your body. Using specific rituals you will learn to awaken clarity in your current life, define your goals, and become aware of the areas where you want to create change. You will learn about neuroscience, the placebo effect and the power of conscious thoughts.


Transcending the Past

- In Module 3 you will learn about your fears, betrayals and their consequences on your life. You will be given techniques to transform them into self-confidence and trust so that you can embody new emotional states. You will also uncover your true place in life, where you belong in your family and your family tree, and how to transcend interfering patterns you’ve inherited from your ancestors. You will obtain insights about epigenetics and the direct impact of past generations on your life and future generations.


Dreaming the New You

- In Module 4 you will learn how you can dream your ‘New You’ by using your non-physical senses and working with the non-material realities. You will also learn the relationship between dreaming, manifesting and materializing your life vision. You will learn to become the dream keeper of your dream and embody trust. You will grasp the relationship between high energy frequencies, the biophotons in your cells, and their connections with your physical and emotional states.


Bringing Your Vision to Life

- This last module is about consolidating and reflecting on what you have experienced and learned so far. You will sharpen your ability to trust your inner wisdom. You will experience different techniques and rituals to manifest your Vision and bring it to Life. You will define the next steps and decide on actions to remain the dream keeper of your dream. And you will come to understand that your possibilities are infinite.- Developing the dream body and using it to choose the future: you choose your own future.

What you can expect to Achieve.

Athena InsideOut accompanies you along this journey.

Now that your intellect, emotional willpower, awareness and perception are harmoniously working together, guided by your mind, you have become the master of your life path. In whatever career or life phase you may be today, the Fearless, Free, Feminine Program will provide you guidance, self-awareness, emotional and physical resilience, stamina and courage to go your path. Whatever background, trauma or injustice you may have experienced, you will come to know the Power and Wisdom that exists Within You.

The Athena trainers are business professionals and coaches as well as carriers of Ancient Wisdom from different traditions.

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Athena InsideOut Education accompanies you along this Journey.

A prerequisite to decide for the appropriate study choice is to know oneself, deeply. Explore yourself.
A condition to be fulfilled and successful along the career path is to trust yourself, your intuition, have the courage to tap into the known, to take risks. Explode your horizon. Guarantees for savvied continuation of the professional path are wisdom and knowledge. Expand your impact