Leadership Program

Skills from ancient wisdom to foster circular economy.
Balancing rational and intuitive mind for better and faster decision-making.
Expanding awareness to perceive and mastering coming challenges.
Leading from InsideOut and by the principles of equity and sustainability.

Leaders for a Better Today and Tomorrow

"WOLF Leadership Program redefines organizations into their most agile, productive and competitive selves in a world of change and increasing pace."

At Athena WOLF stands for


for Wisdom

remembering our ancient heritage as human beings.


for Oneness

becoming one again by integrating all of our senses.


for Leadership

empowering individuals to become visionary leaders.


for Frequencies

aligning your frequencies with thehighest expression of yourself.

Institute for Human Innovation & Education for 21st Century


The WOLF Leadership Program is based on scientific, innovative, and unconventional learning methods. It provides each participant a path to one’s own wisdom, supporting each to explore, explode and expand their full potential. The purpose of this program is to empower leaders to integrate all their capabilities and return to their Oneness. To lead from their Inner Wisdom and face challenge with a stoic mindset. To allow them to manifest and materialize their purpose, following the principles of a circular economy. By integrating ancient knowledge and wisdom with epigenetics & neuroscience, apprentices will go on a personal transformational journey that will allow them to reach peak performance. This will enable them to see through their inner eyes like the great leaders of the past, and communicate from InsideOut.

The benefits:

- Holistic skill-building and spiritual personal development based on science and ancient wisdom of different traditions that un-cover all personal talents and capabilities.

- Intimate grasp of the influence of personal inner state one’s actions, team and well-being.

- Increased agility of mind to anticipate, adapt to, and master sudden changes.

- Expansion of awareness and ability to perceive and see through our intuitive mind.

- Enhanced resilience & well-being and increased performance.

- An overall greater sense of purpose and meaning by developing the ability to create environments where people can grow and strive to their fullest potential.

Educational Format

The WOLF Leadership Program includes 5 (five) 2-day modules. The program leads to the certificate Athena. Certificate of WOLF Leadership Program Completion.


InsideOut Leadership: Influence and understand yourself and your business

- Unification of material and spiritual goals: finding an overall state of peace and happiness while conduction your professional activity.
- The impact of your inner state (emotions and thoughts): you correctly prioritize where to put your attention. Your right state is the success of your business.
- Development of employees' well-being: by helping others grow, you experience states of fulfillment as you grow together as a team or organization.
- Finding and working with an animal totem (spiritual guide). Influence on and support your business thanks to animal totem: you can learn and positively influence your business at any given time.


Problem Solving & Keeping Balance: get a state of confidence and security for yourself and your business

- Work-life balance: finding the balance between family and business. You are fulfilled with your family and your business.
- Maintaining well-being: maintaining physical, emotional and mental balance in harmony with the energy of the body. You feel your mental and emotional energy and know how to control it.
- Roles in the team: you understand what roles suit employees in the business. You can handle tension and conflict in groups
- Focus on the Vision & The Way Forward: you can use dreaming skills for practical purposes.


Energy of transformation and purification: identify obstacles and overcome them. Get rid of old things, dissolve attachments and transform addictions

- Holistic purification energy alignment: you no longer experience physical or emotional fatigue.
- Conflicts in family and business as the energy of transformation: you are able to compensate for problems (conflicts) through conscious interaction with the energy of transformation.
- Diseases as messages about the need for change and transformation: you know how disease develops and how to prevent them. You understand the signal (sign) that comes with illness.
- Problem solving: a way out of a difficult situation, what to look for. You are confident in a critical situation, you trust your intuition and insights.


Working with and Expansion of Awareness: you are in a high vibration, you feel connected to the world and the universe

- Receiving information through the opening of the intuitive channel: your intuition is strong, you perceive persons & events.
- Expansion of Awareness: you see things more broadly; it provides you with a deeper understanding of what is happening and might come ahead.
- Observing thoughts and emotions, becoming an observer: you are the master of your thoughts and emotions.
- Higher vibrations and merging with universe: you feel your highest purpose on Earth.


Spiritual path, rituals and practices for self and business development: own techniques that change the present and the future

- Trance techniques that reveal the source of additional strength and energy: you can use trance to achieve your objectives.
- Developing the dream body and using it to choose the future: you choose your own future.
- Uncover and work with your personal assistant, the animal totem: you have an assistant in the spirit world who is always at your side and act as counsellor.
- Development of your inner world: you know how your inner world works and can interact with its different parts. You are in a state of inner peace and balance.

The wisdom path to infinite possibilities.

Athena InsideOut accompanies you along this journey.

At Athena, we believe in the power of each individual to change the world. With more diverse voices in positions of power and influence, our society will become both more equal and equitable, and innovative and productive. Our science-based and holistic education programs aim at developing inspired and courageous leaders. They obtain the adequate skills and tools to anticipate change and to navigate an ever increasingly complex environment. We support the next generation of leaders to take on the unprecedented challenges of today and to create a sustainable future–determined to make the world a better place.

For utmost experience and learning journey, it should be booked as a whole. However each module can be booked individually as well.

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Athena InsideOut Education accompanies you along this Journey.

A prerequisite to decide for the appropriate study choice is to know oneself, deeply. Explore yourself.
A condition to be fulfilled and successful along the career path is to trust yourself, your intuition, have the courage to tap into the known, to take risks. Explode your horizon. Guarantees for savvied continuation of the professional path are wisdom and knowledge. Expand your impact