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Hidden Keys to Highest Potential;

During this conference you will learn from Prof. Dr.Isabelle Mansuy
how life experiences of previous generations may affect your own life. From Simone Junod you will hear how the latter can be transformed.

You will:

- Learn what this still recent science called epigenetics is and about its latest research results.

- Understand how the life circumstances of ancestors may influence your potential.


become insights and hear about methods and processes which allow you to further deploy your highest potential. You will understand that to know yourself goes beyond personality tests and the likes. You will realize that the keys to the highest expression of yourself, to your well-being and a purpose-driven life might still to be discovered.


Athena InsideOut

Will have a conference with Prof. Dr. Isabelle Mansuy, Polytechnical School Zurich, on Epigenetic;
Door opening at 06:00pm(CET), conference starts 06:30pm and ends 08.00 pm. Followed by an apero.

Location: Haus Brugg
Bahnhofplatz 5
8134 Adliswil



Short biography Prof. Dr. Isabelle Mansuy

Athena InsideOut accompanies you along this Journey

Isabelle M. Mansuy is a professor in neuroepigenetics in the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurichand the Department of Health Science and Technology of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. She is known for her work on the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance in relation to childhood trauma.
Mansuy studied molecular biology and biotechnology at the University Louis Pasteur and the École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg. Mansuy went on to earn a PhD at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel then a postdoc at Columbia University, where she gained expertise in neurobiology and in the design and use of transgenic mouse models. She established a lab as assistant professor at ETH Zürich at the end of 1998 and a few years later became professor in neuroepigenetics at the University of Zürich and ETH Zürich.


Athena InsideOut

participated in the exhibition HR Festival in Zurich, May 31st–June 1st, 2022




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